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Here you will find all the most frequently asked questions of our users.
To contact our Support Team, please submit a request using the form in the Mediacoin Desktop Application Settings section.Any questions left? Write us.


Can I download content without signing up?#
You’re not required to sign up for a Mediacoin personal account. Just start downloading the necessary file, and the Network seeders will anyway receive a reward.
Why do I need to sign up for an account?#
You need to sign up for a personal account, in order to become a full member of the Mediacoin Network and receive MDC. In this case, you’ll be able to create your own channel, receive rewards for the original content, seeding files and participating in the referral program.
How Mediacoin differs from file sharing networks and torrent trackers?#
Most websites and social networks are profit-oriented. They use their members’ content and force users to view annoying ads. Mediacoin is a not-for-profit project; it is designed to fairly reward content authors and network users. The key advantages of the platform include: Rewards for the use of PC and Internet resources No advertising and paid subscription Complete anonymity The application cannot be blocked by the provider or the regulator
What content can I post?#
Due to the absence of censorship and peer-to-peer technology, you may post any content. All files are rated based on their popularity and user ratings.
Can I upload files from different drives?#
You can add several directories for uploading files on the Settings page. All your downloads will be saved to the default folder.
How does a hardlink work for adding files?#
HardLink is just another entry that associates a name with a file in the folder. When creating a hard link, the file itself is not physically copied, but only appears under another name This feature allows you to: – Quickly add files to the network without copying or moving them; – Avoid wasting your hard disk space with duplicate files of your uploads; – Connect several PC drives for seeding content; – Seed the same files on Mediacoin and other peer-to-peer networks (e.g. BitTorrent). Hard links are valid within one drive. If you add a file from another drive partition, the file will be copied to the default folder.
Can I edit or remove a playlist after it is added?#
Mediacoin allows its users to edit or remove a playlist from their channels.
What affects the speed of outbound and inbound traffic?#
The Mediacoin upload speed is also directly depends on the peers downloading your files or seeding files to you! What does this mean? No matter how many speed test screenshots you send, there is another party that directly affects the speed. Mediacoin does not limit your speed!
Can my Mediacoin account be blocked?#
No, it’s impossible.

Mediacoin Desktop#

How to register in the Network?#
Registration is a one-step process. This won’t take long and you don’t need to enter your personal data. When registering, you will need to come up with a login and a password phrase. Attention! Your login and password phrase is a private key, which will be used to sign all your actions. No user can change their password phrase! Do not disclose it to anyone. If you lose your password, you won’t be able to regain access to your account. If you have an invitation code, don't forget to enter it when registering.
Can I recover my password?#
Unfortunately, the password cannot be recovered or reset. This is a private key to your wallet, which is not stored elsewhere and is known only to you. This is intended to ensure that your password is not used by any other third parties.
How to become a peer?#
To become a peer, you need to download a file and stay in the Mediacoin network. The list of files you are seeding can be found on the My files page.
Can I change home page categories?#
You can change the order of categories on the home page and hide unnecessary files in the Settings section.
How do I know which file was downloaded?#
You can find information about the shared traffic for each playlist in the Files section if you use the “by upload volume” filter. This is a convenient tool for tracking the trend and popularity of files. Just bear in mind that the traffic volume is approximate and its values are not accurate.
What affects the upload speed?#
In Mediacoin, the file sharing speed depends directly on the peer’s outbound traffic speed and the inbound traffic speed of the user downloading the file. The Mediacoin upload speed is also directly affected by the peers downloading your files or seeding files to you! What does this mean? No matter how many speed test screenshots you send, there is another party that directly affects the speed. Mediacoin does not limit your speed!
I can’t download files, what to do?#
Check whether you have free storage space for downloading files, seeders, Internet connection, and whether your ISP doesn’t block UDP packets.
How long does it take for a playlist to show up in search?#
Playlist won’t appear in search instantly. This period depends on the total number of new files in the Network. On average, this process takes about an hour.
Can I upload content from different computers?#
Mediacoin allows its users to upload content from different PCs under the same login. Rewards will be credited to one wallet.
How to earn rewards?#
The system rewards participants with the internal digital currency, Mediacoin (MDC), for seeding files, posting content and attracting new users.
How many coins do I get for seeding a file?#
Mediacoin uses Proof-of-Activity and Proof-of-Stake algorithms. The number of coins credited per one GB of traffic varies depending on the current total activity of users. You can view the actual number of coins credited per 1 GB in Block Explorer (Average Rate). The total amount of rewards for seeding a file depends partially on the amount of funds available on the peer’s account.
How to share content?#
To increase users’ interest in your content, Medaicoin offers a convenient Share feature. You can post links to playlists and files on social networks or third party resources. When following the link, new users will be offered to install the application. Here is a lifehack for Mediacoin users: you can simply copy the link to the page you like and paste it into the address bar of the application.
Why is there no seeding?#
The Mediacoin network does not guarantee that other users will download your content. There are many factors that affect the files popularity, such as the popularity of the playlist, completeness of playlist information, and the time you spend on the network for seeding files. In order to increase users’ interest in your content, we recommend you to use the Share feature.
Has an error occurred? Has the program stopped working? What to do?#
Contact our Technical Support Team on the Settings page. Describe the problem in detail and attach screenshots, if necessary.


Where can I sell and buy Mediacoin cryptocurrency?#
Today, you can buy/sell Mediacoin (MDC) on the Crexsoft.com Cryptocurrency Exchange. Available pairs: MDC/RUR, MDC/USD.
Who gets the royalties? How to become an author of a file?#
In case of uploading a file, the royalties will be credited to the user from whose channel the file was downloaded. You can earn more MDC by placing unique and interesting content, attracting users to your channels.
Referral Program#
The Network rewards users for the community development. When attracting referrals to the project, the referrer gets 11% of the referral income. Referral system is an effective method of earning passive income on Mediacoin platform.
What to do, if the coins were not deposited to my account on the exchange?#
In case of facing any problems with Crexsoft.com, please contact with the Exchange support team.
Can I participate in a referral program without posting and sharing files?#
Yes, you will receive a referral fee in the amount of 11% of your referrals income.
Why do I see a different address when transferring coins to the exchange?#
When transferring coins to the Crexsoft.com Exchange, a special address, which comprises the exchange address and your unique individual account, is created.
Why don't I get any rewards/coins for seeding?#
Make sure that you are not using a virtual machine on your PC. Unfortunately, it is often used by cheaters and the system is designed so that this traffic is disregarded. Check the time and date on your PC. Cheating “useless” traffic is also neglected, do not try to deceive the system in order to inflate coins.
Why do I get less coins?#
Note the emission scheme. The number of rewards depends also on the total users activity. You can check an average reward for 1 GB of upload traffic in Mediacoin Explorer (https://explorer.mediacoin.live)
How to earn more coins? How does PoS work in Mediacoin and should I hold my coins?#
Mediacoin uses the abovementioned Proof-of-Activity (PoA) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithms. The number of tokens credited to you depends on the the user’s balance. That is, the more MDC peers have on their account, the higher reward they offer for seeding traffic.
Reward formula:
resultVolume = realVolume * kPoS(userBalance)

, whereas
realVolume - the peer’s actual upload volume for a certain period
resultVolume - the total upload volume for a certain period, including PoS coefficient;
kPoS(x) = 1 + x * 0.85e-6

For example:
kPos(0) = 1.0
kPos(1M) ≈ 1.85
kPos(3M) ≈ 3.55
kPos(5M) ≈ 5.25

This means that 2 million MDC coins on the account will double the reward, 3 million MDC coins will triple the reward.
The reward (issue of coins for a certain period of time) is evenly distributed between peers in proportion to their resultVolume.
Note! The PoS algorithm makes it even more profitable to hold MDC coins. This is a good investment opportunity and a method of obtaining high rewards.
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